DFARDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARDepartment of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (various locations)
DFARDoD Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARDeep Forest Adventure Race (Norway)
DFARDeadlock-Free Adaptive Routing
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The FAR and DFAR have clauses that allow you to move faster by purchasing from a sole source.
2 and the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, changed FARS and DFARS to clarify the Contracting Officer authority, restructured the Defense Acquisition University curriculum, and has rewritten the Commercial Item Handbook and many others.
As the UID effort has progressed, work groups have evolved into the Implementation Working Group (IWG), the Business Rules team, and the Technical Interface Working Group (TIWG), with smaller teams working the DFARS and Policy aspects of UID.
sales, leases, negotiable instruments, DFARS Procedures, Guidance and bank deposits and collections, Information (PGD--657 pages funds transfer, letters of credit, bulk sales, documents of title, Deviations (34)-177 pages investment securities, and secured transactions).
The DFARS directs that the costs subject to the EPA be fixed at contract start, including the proportions of labor and material, and their allocation across time.
To the extent that the CO concludes that the price for the missiles was a part of the original price competition for the whole program and price was a source selection factor, then no cost or pricing data should be obtained in accordance with DFARS 225.
While the Army and Air Force do not compel the use of clauses comparable to the NAVFAC clauses, the DFARS requires the use of the COR clause whenever the contracting officer anticipates appointing a contracting officer's representative.
The UID Forum is designed to provide practical guidance to help educate military program managers and DOD Contractors--particularly small to mid-sized contractors and all acquisition programs--achieve successful UID implementation as required by the DOD Policy Memoranda and the issuance of the Final UID DFARS Rule (dated April 22, 2005).
232-8, "Discounts for Prompt Payment," is required to be included in all fixed-price supply and service contracts; under DFARS 204.
To ensure that product is always in the pipeline for new and repeat business, the company has increased its base of domestic, DFARS approved, raw material vendors.