DFARDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARDepartment of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (various locations)
DFARDoD Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARDeep Forest Adventure Race (Norway)
DFARDeadlock-Free Adaptive Routing
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Experts like Central Luzon State University president, Tereso Abella, said a DFAR would improve the lot of fishermen.
The DFARS rule provides for the inclusion of the clause in all contracts, including those that provide commercial items--except for contracts solely for the sale of commercial off-the-shelf items.
All the aforementioned DFARS clauses contain flow-down language requiring inclusion of each DFARS clause in subcontracts at any tier where required.
In contrast, as revised in August 2016, the DFARS now allows purchase either from "contractor-approved suppliers (CAS)" or "other" sourced, but industry standards must be used for inspection, testing and authentication (IT&A) and to approve a second-tier "contractor-approved supplier (CAS).
The inclusion of several different offices in the current DFARS language caused problems determining who decides whether an exception to the requirement for electronic invoicing applies.
Key aspects of intellectual property addressed by the FARs and DFARS include patent rights to inventions, computer software, and technical data.
This proposed DFARS clause would mark a limited return to emergency battlefield commander authority.
There is specific guidance in the FAR and DFARs as to the use of these clauses which should be reviewed during contract preparation.
To ensure that product is always in the pipeline for new and repeat business, the company has increased its base of domestic, DFARS approved, raw material vendors.
The principal instruments are two contract clauses, DFARS 252.
It is highly recommended that these two DFARS clauses be studied and well understood along with DoD Instruction 5230.
DFARS Sets the Example--FAR Catches Up with Final Rule Allowing Optional Withholding under Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts