DFBIDe Fleury Baillard Investissements (French investment firm)
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DFBI can identify the items that are measuring the construct indicators in an equivalent way when developing parallel or different version of tests or questionnaires.
Results shown in Table 1 demonstrate that the proposed procedure for analysing DFBI is useful in terms of identifying situations in which two items designed to measure the same behaviour do not in fact have similar properties.
* PV capacitor losses (DFBI should have on the input large capacitor due to input power fluctuation.
* Estimated losses of DFBI control circuits (this type of losses significantly reduces the efficiency of power converter at light load).
* Input voltage range of DFBI Vimin = 60VDC, Vimax = 110VDC;
* DFBI running in off grid (island) operation with resistive load on the output;
Two line frequency periods of output waveforms of DFBI are shown on Fig.
The calculated Euro-efficiency for active clamp DFBI is nearly 20% higher than Euro-efficiency of RC clamp DFBI.
6 shows the loss distribution in different operating modes of active clamp DFBI. It is clearly visible, that most important from loss point of view are primary semiconductors then wound components, and finally secondary semiconductors.
The best choice for DFBI seems to be usage of silicon carbide diode (for example SDT06S60 type).