DFCMDepartment of Family and Community Medicine
DFCMDivision of Facilities Construction and Management (Utah)
DFCMDermal Fibroblast-Conditioned Medium
DFCMDéfense contre les Forces du Mal (French: Defense against the Dark Arts; Harry Potter)
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Following the success of Kidz Starz in the last two years, DFCM is expecting an increase in registration this year and is keeping the event outdoors.
The DFCM development project also came at an interesting point in the history of Ford's vehicle design process, as well as its relationship with component suppliers, said Michael Soltis, manager of the Research & Vehicle Technology (RVT)-Fuel Systems Technology Team based at Ford's Dearborn, Mich.
Harish Chawla, Ford's Chief Program Engineer of Diesel Programs -- Truck Vehicle Center, added that the cost benefits were clearly evident, which caused Ford to accelerate the DFCM program.
The final result of the joint development program between Ford and Racor is the modularized DFCM from which a Ford platform designer can tell the RVT-Fuel Systems Technology Team exactly what features are needed.
So there has been a little bit of a backlash, and there has been some questioning from DFCM specifically as to why the CMGC is not delivering to us what we thought it would.
The Community Outreach Center will follow the DFCM High Performance Building Standards.