DFDADepth First Discovery Algorithm
DFDADefence Force Discipline Act (Australian military law)
DFDADual-Fed Distributed Amplifier (telecommunications)
DFDADean Forest Diesel Association (UK)
DFDADistributed Frame-Definition Algorithm
DFDADutch Fast Draw Association (shooting club)
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Part VII of the DFDA establishes different levels of service tribunals (4) to hear service offences.
(2) The charges preferred by the DMP related to the deaths of the civilians but not the fighting-age male, and were based upon offences available under the military discipline code of the Australian Defence Force (ADF')--the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 (Cth) ('DFDA') specifically, manslaughter by negligence (3) and dangerous conduct by negligence.
In this paper, a further improvement of the DFDA topology with a termination adjustment network is proposed, demonstrating a remarkable bandwidth-efficiency improvement over the conventional DA.
While the DFDA does not explicitly authorise the conduct of trials outside Australia, it does so impliedly--the whole of the Act applies extraterritorially (21) and, in particular, there are different rules concerning representation where a trial before a court martial or a Defence Force magistrate is held outside Australia.
TABLA V DIGESTIBILIDAD IN VIVO DE LAS DIETAS CON RASTROJO DE MAIZ TRATADO CON UREA O SIN TRATAR, Y SIN O CON METIONINA (%) Tratamientos RST RTU RST+Met RTU+Met EE Pr>F DMS 57,37 61,13 54,46 54,56 2,67 0,296 DMO 60,14 63,31 58,45 57,58 2,58 0,443 DPC 44,13 48,51 40,02 40,59 3,98 0,439 DFDN 56,82 b 67,56 a 57,07 ab 62,80 ab 2,54 0,032 DFDA 28,02 be 54,75 a 23,12 c 44,87 ab 4,07 0,001 DCEL 52,11 b 72,76 a 46,92 b 65,94 a 2,20 0,001 RST: dieta con rastrojo de maiz sin tratar, RTU: dieta con rastrojo de maiz tratado con urea, RST+Met: dieta con rastrojo de maiz sin tratar mas metionina protegida, RTU+Met: dieta con rastrojo de maiz tratado con urea mas metionina protegida, EE: error estandar, n= 4.
TABLA IV DIGESTIBILIDAD IN VIVO DE LA FIBRA CRUDA, FIBRA DETERGENTE NEUTRO Y FIBRA DETERGENTE ACIDO EN DIETAS CON MORERA EN CONEJOS DE ENGORDE / IN VIVO DIGESTIBILITY OF RAW FIDER, NEUTRAL DETERGENT AND ACID DETERGENT FIBER IN DIETS WITH MORERA IN FATTENINE RABBITS Dieta DFC DFDN X [+ o -] DE T1 43,32 (b) [+ o -] 2,02 54,80 [+ o -] 14,09 T2 41,99 (b) [+ o -] 15,78 49,92 [+ o -] 17,15 T3 67,90 (a) [+ o -] 8,14 58,96 [+ o -] 11,05 Dieta DFDA X [+ o -] DE T1 47,40 [+ o -] 8,71 T2 42,74 [+ o -] 8,70 T3 48,68 [+ o -] 12,71 ab: valores en la misma columna con letras distintas son diferentes (P < 0,05).
The first limb of the separation of powers doctrine is relevant to service tribunals established under the DFDA. The initial question before the High Court was whether service tribunals exercise the judicial power of the Commonwealth.
Under the DFDA as it then stood, proceedings were conducted before a Commanding Officer, a Subordinate Summary Authority (typically a second in command), a Court Martial or a Defence Force Magistrate.
Unitronex Model DFDA, from Fortis Machinery, features: four hold-down springs, mounting collars and bolts; mitre gauge with stop rod; four table inserts; and complete 3-hp/230V/460V/60Hz motor, with 115V control voltage.