DFDBADemineralized Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft (orthopedics)
DFDBADecalcified Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft
DFDBADecalcified Freeze-Dried Cortical Bone Allograft
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0.25 cc DFDBA was gently packed into each bone defect until it filled the entire cavity (Figure 5).
All patients received only autologous PRF on one side and demineralized freeze dried bone allograft (DFDBA) material with bio-membrane on the contralateral side.
Once the desired amount of sinus membrane elevation was achieved, the defects were then filled with DFDBA on one side and PRF on the other.
DFDBA with PRGF and absorbable membrane collagen for test group, and merely DFDBA and absorbable membrane collagen for control group were used, and the effect of PRGF was evaluated.
DFDBA with PRGF was mixed and lightly packed into the extraction socket with a flat plastic instrument.
Histologic evaluation of human extraction sockets treated with demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA) and cell occlusive membrane.
These grafts can be further classified as freeze-dried bone allograft (FDBA) and demineralized freeze-driedbone allograft (DFDBA) [22].
Shuang, "Osteoinductive potential of a novel biphasic calcium phosphate bone graft in comparison with autographs, xenografts, and DFDBA," Clinical Oral Implants Research, 2015.
(22) (2000) evaluated the clinical results of the association between membrane and DFDBA (demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft) in humans.
Aloinjertos (AL): Biomaterial procesado para ser incorporado a sujetos de la misma especie (Freeze--Dried Bone Allograft o FDBA; Demineralized Freeze--Dried Bone Allograft o DFDBA; Proteina morfogenetica o BMP).
Three main types of materials have received attention: biologic materials, including collagen, fibrin glue, active and inactive demineralized freezedried bone allograft (DFDBA), and residual bone following extraction of BMPs with 4M guanidine; inorganic materials like hydroxyapatite and coral derivatives; and synthetic polymers like polylactic acid (PLA) and polylacticpolyglycolic acid copolymers (poly-D,L-lactide-coglycolide, PLG).
2) Aloinjertos: material obtenido de sujetos de la misma especie, y que son procesados por metodos fisico y quimicos, para permitir su incorporacion en el lecho receptor del paciente; dentro de estos estan DFDBA (hueso desmineralizado congelado deshidratado), FDBA (hueso congelado deshidratado), entre otras, BMP (proteina morfogenetica).