DFDEDual Fuel Diesel Electric
DFDEDatabase on Forest Disturbances in Europe
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A one-way analysis of variance was used to compare relative changes in each dependent variable between SFSE, DFDE, SFDE, and DFSE.
13 cm) was significantly higher than that observed after DFDE (2.
Yokogawa will deliver the CENTUM VP integrated production control system for monitoring and controlling the LNG carrier s LNG tanks and loading/unloading facilities as well as the supply of gas to the DFDE and the supply of power to other driving units.
The company has already delivered control systems for other DFDE ships.
MAN Diesel & Turbo has verified that, even when compared to the best, modern DFDE propulsion solution, an ME-GI engine delivers fuel savings of more than 30 tonnes of gas per day when operating at a normal ship speed of 15-17 knots.
DFDE drive systems also are more compact than alternatives, enabling carriers to hold more cargo.