DFDODeck Forward Door Opened
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In order to make the most of the natural advantages Hehuanshan is bestowed, the DFDO, Taroko National Park, and Nantou County Government joined hands in July to apply to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) for the mountains to become an IDA certified dark sky park, according to the news release.
3 and stayed overnight at Song Syue Lodge on Hehuanshan to experience the beauty of the starry night sky above the mountains and to make an assessment regarding the application for a dark sky park, the DFDO's document said.
According to the DFDO, Basianshan will offer a 20% discount and a free cup of herbal tea to elderly diners on the day, while Dasyueshan, Hehuanshan's Song Syue Lodge, and Wu Ling Villa restaurants will offer a 35% discount on meals.