DFDWDelhi Foundation of Deaf Women (India)
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When the node fault rate is 15%, OTDS reaches 37%, DFDW reaches approximately 21%, and the proposed algorithm reaches 14%, which is significantly lower than the other two algorithms.
It can be noticed that the event detection rate calculated with the proposed algorithm is far better than with the OTDS and DFDW algorithms.
12 presents the event boundary detection rate (EBDR) versus detection range using the OTDS, DFDW, and DSFTED algorithms when the node fault rate reaches 20%.
It has been recognized that energy savings can be obtained by dispersing computation within the network in a distributed form, such as the above discussed algorithms OTDS [9], DFDW [17] and the proposed algorithm DSFTED as well.
The DFDW algorithm has a similar triggering scheme like OTDS that it is endowed with the same data exchanging frequency, i.e.