DFEDComputer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
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I believe that SIDT's DFED is a breakthrough technology," says Silzars.
Department of Commerce, to build a 10" VGA display prototype based on the DFED technology.
SIDT's DFED technology represents a unique form of field emission (flat panel) display.
At the point in development that mass manufacturing of DFEDs is anticipated, non-exclusive licenses can be granted to enable the manufacture of DFEDs.
Philips and SIDT have also agreed to look jointly at business development in the field of DFEDs.
By bringing together an exceptional group of organizations to focus specifically on the goal of the 10 inch VGA DFED, we will be integrating a variety of state-of-the-art technologies at the same time we are building the industry infrastructure required to support volume production of DFED systems.
The DFED is a revolutionary technology, and we believe this award to ADDVent will speed its commercial availability through a carefully designed research and development strategy.
In June, 1994, SIDT demonstrated the world's first working one-inch diamond-based display based on the DFED technology at the Society of Information Display's international conference.
We have placed a very high priority on developing a solid intellectual property foundation for our innovative approach to flat panel displays, and we are very pleased that this enabling patent for the DFED structure has been allowed by the U.
The patent addresses key structural elements of the DFED technology:
In addition to DFED development, Diamond Tech One will focus initially on three areas: