DFEDComputer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
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Unlike the KfW and DFED financed STI drugs which were strictly for STD treatment, the EDA financed STI drug kits supplemented the essential drug supply and were also used for treatment of other diseases.
signed a technology cooperation agreement with SI Diamond for Philips to provide $10 million of technology support during the next two years to accelerate commercialization of the DFED.
Management is confident that these moves will greatly improve the allocation of resources and sharpening of our focus on both the DFED and Diamond Field Emission Lamp (DFEL) programs.
Although significant engineering work remains to be performed before the DFED can be manufactured, this prototype is an important milestone in achieving our ultimate goal of commercializing 10-inch and larger DFEDs," Howard K.
which is developing and commercializing the DFED, as well as other display technologies; SIDT Coatings Inc.
Russian Scientific Team -- The 200 member DGC team of leading Russian scientists, engineers and technicians will work toward the development of SIDT's DFED system.
This has both production and consumer use advantages, since the DFED will use simpler power supplies and driver units.
SIDT's DFED technology represents a unique form of field emission (flat panel) display.
SIDT's patented DFED concept is based on technology developed under Small Business Innovation Research funding from the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (now the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization) and the National Science Foundation.
By bringing together an exceptional group of organizations to focus specifically on the goal of the 10 inch VGA DFED, we will be integrating a variety of state-of-the-art technologies at the same time we are building the industry infrastructure required to support volume production of DFED systems.