DFEESTDepartment of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (South Australia, Australia)
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Whilst low, the response rate was not atypical for a survey of this type, as colleagues at DFEEST also confirmed.
DFEEST was able to provide the researchers with simple cross-tabulations of the sex, age (under 25, or older) and type of apprenticeship or traineeship of those in the sample, which were used to develop sample weights (see Appendix A).
We are particularly grateful to the South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST), now the SA Department of State Development, for its support in conducting the survey.
Selections from these interviews were submitted in the final report for the project, with three edited and published with consent in the public report (DFEEST, 2011: Appendix 1).
Young people were also heavy users of personal media devices, and spent significant amounts of their leisure time immersed in digital games and online video (DFEEST, 2011: Appendix III).
The success of Healthy Skepticism in raising awareness of marketing influences in the pharmaceutical industry illustrates the civic and domestic applications FTTH technology makes possible, and that commercial discussions of broadband infrastructure regularly overlook (DFEEST, 2012: Finding 8).
Skills development has become a major policy area as articulated in the South Australia's Skills Action Plan (DFEEST and DTED 2005).
DFEEST (Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology), (2005), Better Skills.
DFEEST (Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology) and DTED (Department of Trade and Economic Development) (2005), South Australia's Skills Action Plan, Adelaide.