DFENDepartament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear (Catalan: Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering)
DFENDOT (Digital Opportunities Task) Force Entrepreneurial Network (Group of Eight)
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* CONFIGURABLE HYDRAULIC DRIVE: RexPak standardized hydraulic power units with AC motors are now available with the DFEn variable-frequency pump drive, saving energy and reducing noise (left photo).
The Democratic Front of Eritrean Nationalities (DFEN) has hold Eritrean nationalities conference in the Ethiopia's northern town of Mekelle, where representatives of some five ethnic groups, civic societies, religious leaders, refugees and front allies took part.
* GRUPO DE EMPRESA Y ESPIRITU EMPRESARIAL : Este grupo ha creado el modelo DOT Force Entrepreneurial Network (DFEN) para apoyar a las empresas que estan maximizando el impacto social de las TIC.