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DfESDepartment for Education and Skills (UK government; formerly DFEE)
DFESDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services (various locations)
DFESDoctors for Emergency Service
DFESDutch Fork Elementary School (Irmo, SC)
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The DFE's return will of course report a categorical breakdown of its assets and liabilities, but linking the DFEs investments with its investor-plan's presents the challenge.
Designed for use in any Enterasys Matrix N-Series chassis (N7, N5, N3 and N1), Diamond DFEs provide high-performance, high-density Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet aggregation.
The DfES letter says: "The department has received a range of correspondence about the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in the science curriculum, and about the resource pack sent out by the Truth In Science organisation.
pounds 533million had not been passed on when budget statements were made to DFES.
The Sunday Mercury has passed our dossier on all the companies featured in this article to the DfES.
The DFES has set up a proof of age stakeholder group, chaired by Chevis, with a remit to promote the card to retailers.
138) Most relevant to this study, the EBSA report also includes a table that takes assets reported by pension plans as invested in DFEs and distributes them into the other financial asset categories according to the composition of the DFE portfolios in which the pension plans invest.
DFEs include master trust investment accounts (MTIAs), common or collective trusts (CCTs), pooled separate accounts (PSAs), 103-12 investment entities (103-12 IEs) and group insurance arrangements (GIAs).
The majority of products are to be delivered to DFES Fleet & Equipment Services Portfolio located in O~Connor.
When asked, using the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, the Welsh Government said it could not disclose how many staff in DfES had faced disciplinary action for capability since devolution.
The authority has drawn up an outline business case which must be submitted to the DfES by January 21 so it can be considered for final approval for the money by March 31.
As a result, secondary schools in Kent will achieve the Department of Education and Skills (DfES) targets a year early and primary schools will be provided with up to five times the network capacity recommended by the DfES.