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DFFDépartement Fédéral des Finances (Switzerland)
DFFD Flip-Flop
DFFDissidia: Final Fantasy (video game)
DFFDeutscher Fernsehfunk (German: German TV Broadcasting; 1952-1991)
DFFDescriptive Flexfield (Oracle)
DFFDisposable Film Festival (est. 2008)
DFFDansk Fægte-Forbund
DFFDomo - Farm Frites (Tour De France cycling sponsor)
DFFDeutsches Flachdisplay Forum (German: German Flat Panel Display Forum)
DFFDanmarks Frie Fagforening (Denmark)
DFFDansk Filmfotograf Forbund (Society of Danish Cinematographers)
DFFDizzy Feet Foundation (Beverly Hills, CA)
DFFDeep Focus Fusion (imaging)
DFFDo For Fun
DFFDigital Fixed Frequency (communications)
DFFDJs, Fans and Freaks
DFFDark Filth Fraternity (Finnish band)
DFFDesign Fatigue Factor
DFFData Flowing Fine
DFFDesign for Flexibility
DFFDeuterated Lauric Acid Surfactant
DFFDesigner Fashion Finder (online resource)
DFFDigital Forensic Framework (ArxSys; France)
DFFd'Amico - Faccio - Ferri (polynomial)
DFFDirect Factory Furniture (Santa Clara, CA)
DFFDenver Film Festival (Denver, CO)
DFFDeutsch-Französisches Forum (German: German-French Forum)
DFFDuplicate File Finder (software)
DFFDistribution Française de Fixation (French distribution company)
DFFDelta Force Française (French gaming clan)
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Additionally, Al Olama noted that the DFF has signed a partnership agreement with Bayt.
Suggiyao said that he was not aware of, and neither was he a party to, the DFF meetings etc.
Even the Global Village took a part and marked its milestone 20th season by joining hands with DFF to offer authentic street food dishes throughout the festival at its restaurants, cafes and kiosks.
Indeed, the overwhelming response to DFF 2015 that was attended by tens of thousands of visitors from different nationalities is testimony to the growing popularity of the festival.
If ticket sales are any indication, DFF has ignited like a bra on fire.
When asked what he thought his chances of winning at DFF are, Khaled says it's going to be "difficult because there are lots of good films in the contest".
Another interesting observation is, MNH-93 and MNH-129, both revealed top GCA performances for DFS, DFF but SCA performance of their cross combination was totally reverse, i.
Bajo las condiciones del cobertizo con sombra neutra de baja DFF (180 [micron]mol x [m.
Therefore, it is difficult for FeRAM based nonvolatile flip flop DFF to be used as a library tool for automatic layout design of SoCs.
I analyze how the order or narrative of reform agreeable to both donors and the Indonesian government was crafted and maintained by the DFF in its brokering role, while no actual progress was made on agreed upon commitments.
New DFF commands support general spacing and width checking on one layer.