DFFTDomestic Funding of Foreign Training (India)
DFFTDiscrete Fast Fourier Transform (software)
DFFTDamn-Fast Fourier Transform
DFFTDouble Forward Fourier Transform
DFFTDeutscher Fußball Fitness Test (German Soccer Fitness Test)
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In order to reduce threats to marine ecosystems and conserve marine environments, the final two recommendations urge the "establishment of an improved data storage and management system that ensures open access by scientists globally," and the "sharing of information gained through research activities carried out under extensive and multinational collaboration, to expedite a comprehensive understanding of the global ocean and its dynamics." It is precisely for this reason that we must ensure DFFT and turn data into public goods for scientists worldwide.
To obtain the even and odd spectra with [M.sub.S] via DFFT routines, a computational time of about 4 ms is measured.
For the application of the discrete fast Fourier transform (DFFT), y1 presents the frequency components of the original signal [13].
Note that the 2D DFFT method proposed in [12] is actually equivalent to the case with P = 1.
Example 1 takes the same function f(x,y) as in [12] so as to compare this algorithm with the 2D FFT algorithm and the 2D DFFT method proposed in [12]; Example 2 shows the results for an oscillatory spatial function; Example 3 compares the 2D CFT algorithm with the traditional 2D FFT algorithm from accuracy, computation time and sampling density required in the spatial domain; Example 4 compares the results by 2D CFT and 2D FFT algorithm for a spatial function whose support area S includes multiple regions.
These short- medium and long- term courses are open to officers of the IAS, IPS and IFS, Group A central civil services on deputation to the Centre, state civil services and the Central Secretariat Service as part of the Domestic Funding of Foreign Training ( DFFT) scheme.