DFIRDeployable Flight Incident Recorder (aviation)
DFIRDigital Forensics, Incident Response
DFIRDouble Fence Intercomparison Reference (windshield standard; World Meteorological Organization)
DFIRDansk Forening for Interventionel Radiologi (Danish: Danish Society of Interventional Radiology)
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The premier APS site includes a weighing precipitation gauge inside of a DFIR wind shield, in addition to the same collection of instruments as at the three other APS sites.
To facilitate accurate surface measurements of snowfall properties, a DFIR wind protection (shown in Fig.
The precipitation measurements at CARE were made using a Pluvio 400 precipitation weighing gauge, a Pluvio 200 weighing gauge (heated rim), and the manual DFIR reference measurement (Nitu et al.
announced in the fall of 2018 that it had been awarded a contract to develop upgraded Deployable Flight Incident Recorder Set (DFIRS) technology for new and in-service F/A-18E/F and EA18G aircraft.
The DFIRS system is a fully integrated deployable flight recorder system with an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) that marks the aircraft's location upon impact and immediately sends an emergency signal for search and rescue.
The night of my mishap, the deployable-flight-accident-recording system (DFIRS) noted an anti-skid caution illuminating about one second after touchdown, but I do not remember seeing or hearing that caution.
The F/A-18Cs, Ds and Es currently are being equipped with a crash-proof flight data recorder called DFIRS, made by DRS Technologies.