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DFLDeutsche Fussball Liga (German Soccer League)
DFLDemocratic-Farmer-Labor (political party in Minnesota, to which state Democrats belong)
DFLDavid Florida Laboratory (Canadian Space Agency)
DFLDegree of Financial Leverage
DFLDown for Life
DFLDevelopment Finance Limited
DFLDictator for Life
DFLDown From London
DFLDutch Florin (Netherlands currency)
DFLData Flow Language
DFLDeep Fried Live (cartoon)
DFLDisease Free Layings (silk)
DFLData Fusion Laboratory
DFLData File Line
DFLDead Freakin' Last (polite form)
DFLDouglas Fir/Larch (lumber)
DFLDaily Flight Log
DFLDivision Flight Level
DFLDual Focus Laser
DFLDesign Flood Level
DFLDraw Force Line (archery)
DFLData Field Line
DFLDirect Fire Lethality (Army)
DFLDesign for Loyalty
DFLDying From Laughter
DFLDeployable Force List
DFLDepart Friendly Lines
DFLDynamic Fluid Level (oil wells)
DFLDer Fieser Luftkühlers (German automobile club)
DFLDépartement de la Formation Linguistique (French: Department of Language Training)
DFLDivision Française Libre (French: Free French Division)
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With this background, until further notice, no decision of the DFL board on this matter is required," the DFL said in a statement posted on its website.
For the pairing of characters YIELD and DFL, YIELD and CL, YIELD and WTA, YIELD and OilC, DFL and WTA, DFL and OilC, CL and WTA, CL and H, WTA and H and H and OilC it was observed different signs between genotypic and enviromnental correlations, which may mean that the enviromnent has favored a feature over another.
Therefore, in an attempt to compute the cost of equity through the above stated equation, the DOL and DFL of the sample companies were computed for the period, 2001-2014.
The person who had once fought a 2 year legal battle against me for our daughter is now a proud and loving father Thanks to DFL who have made all this possible and also for providing me much needed counseling," says a DNA Forensics Lab client.
Kaler said the DFL plan for free community college, which doesn't yet have a price tag, caught him by surprise.
While we follow the existing literature and estimate DOL and DFL using a time-series regression approach (Mandelker and Rhee, 1984), we obtain similar results when we use book measures of leverage, namely, the ratio of fixed assets divided by total assets and the ratio of total debt divided by total assets.
While assigning the ratings ICRA also took note of the private equity infusion by Rabo Equity Advisors in DFL and strategic initiatives for backward integration taken by the company by entering into contract farming agreements with the farmers to ensure availability of good quality paddy.
All four clubs received their license from the DFL based on the data they had submitted.
The plan underscores an intense battle with federal regulatory watchdogs earlier this year over a previous rights marketing scheme the DFL was forced to abandon.
This nonlinear system can be linearized through DFL technique [9, 10] thereby controller design can be significantly simplified.
DFL is based in Grapevine, Texas, and provides international freight management.
With 70% of the financing coming from local financial institutions Hakrinbank and Landbouwbank and Trinidadian firm DFL Caribbean, the remaining 30% was provided by local investors and shareholders.