DFLRDemocratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda
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Furthermore, DFLR does not recommend that any shareholder take any action solely based upon the information provided above.
Although DFLR believes these assumptions are reasonable, no assurance can be given that they will prove correct.
It is important for DFLR to move from a broad-based holdings company, with numerous subsidiaries in real estate to a company with a more narrowed focus.
DFLR is currently a holding company with operations in real estate and mining.
DFLR strongly encourages the public to read the above information in conjunction with its Form 10KSB for December 31, 2003, and Form 10QSB's for March, June and Sept.
Chapman, the CEO of DFLR, being invited to speak on Dec.
DFLR, together with a joint venture group of Mexican businessmen, has over the last several months developed a project at Casas Grandes in the State of Chihuahua to construct six greenhouses covering 105.