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DFMADesign For Manufacturing and Assembly
DFMADistributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications
DFMADutch Field Marketing Association (Netherlands)
DFMADesign for Manual Assembly (manufacturing)
DFMADevon Family Mediation Agency (Exeter, Devon, England, UK)
DFMADwarf Fortress Map Archive (game)
DFMADemi-Fond Montpellier Athlétisme (French athletic club)
DFMADroit et Fiscalité du Marché de l'Art (French: Law and Taxation of the Art Market)
DFMADrill Floor Manipulator Arm (oil and gas)
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The 18 x 16 DFMA matrix developed in this research gives the possibility to compare the modularization and standardization of two alternative constructions from the DFMA point of view.
In the DFMA process, a cross-functional team works to optimize the design for cost-effective manufacturing.
Along to classic DFMA guidelines, the Cold Swapping and Hot Swapping concepts, brought from electronics and software fields, were applied to the interface design in the husker.
In these case studies, the companies reported that DFMA saved them over $1.
Receiving the "Distinguished DFMA Supporter of the Year Award" at the June 2012 DFMA Forum in Providence, RI, is Steven King (center), Westinghouse Electric Company's (WEC) Global Director of Supplier Manufacturing and Value Engineering (SM&VE) group.
Additionally to DFMA guidelines, new concepts were implemented to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the husker.
Resuming the DFMA apply analytical techniques at the design stage to reduce costs and the difficulties of assembling and manufacturing products.
According to Boothroyd Dewhurst, the DFMA software helps engineering supply chains identify cost drivers associated with manufacturing and assembling parts and supports the development of innovative, economical designs.
The DFMA software allows us now to achieve this while monitoring our incremental improvements throughout the design cycle.
Dramatic cost cuts and profit increases reported at DFMA Forum
For information on the 2011 International DFMA Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, and the pre-conference workshop, go to http://www.