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DFMADesign For Manufacturing and Assembly
DFMADistributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications
DFMADroit et Fiscalité du Marché de l'Art (French: Law and Taxation of the Art Market)
DFMADrill Floor Manipulator Arm (oil and gas)
DFMADemi-Fond Montpellier Athlétisme (French athletic club)
DFMADutch Field Marketing Association (Netherlands)
DFMADesign for Manual Assembly (manufacturing)
DFMADevon Family Mediation Agency (Exeter, Devon, England, UK)
DFMADwarf Fortress Map Archive (game)
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Table 1 Four Pathways to Meaningful Work Direction/ SELF OTHERS Motive AGENCY Individuation Contribution COMMUNION Self-Connection Unification Table 2 Matrix of the Subsystems and Underlying Concepts for Lean Operations Underlying Supplier Related Internally Related Customer Related Concepts Subsystems TPS/JIT ([check][check]) ([check][check]) ([check]) TQM ([check]) ([check][check]) ([check][check]) TPM ([check][check]) Kaizen ([check][check]) DFMA ([check][check]) ([check]) Supplier Mgmt.
The PA biosynthesis inhibitors DFMA and MGBG reduced the seedless berry fresh weight induced by GA3 + BA at 11 DAB (Table I).
The 18 x 16 DFMA matrix developed in this research gives the possibility to compare the modularization and standardization of two alternative constructions from the DFMA point of view.
The costs were influenced in three aspects; the first is the acquisition of raw material, in which the DFMA allowed a reduction of 7%.
Students have to select a product that has between 15 and 30 components and then use DFMA to come up with modified designs.
The DFMA workshops are a brainstorming activity, generating numerous ideas that ultimately may or may not be incorporated.
We evaluated a number of cost-estimating packages over an 18-month period and decided to expand our use of Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA software," said Plug Power advanced manufacturing engineering manager Joe Mueller.
DFMA also provides a number of design guidelines that can simplify product manufacture and decrease the time and costs involved.
Here, customers can drop off products that are in the development stage and allow RB Royal engineers and technicians to provide ideas for improvement that may include a more robust design, reduction of components, longer life cycles, better space utilization, DFMA, leak path avoidance, safety enhancements, ease of maintenance improvements and prototype development.
Adhering to the principles of DFMA and DFS, fastening and joining methods must deliver assembly efficiencies, ensure end-product integrity, and provide access to components when necessary.
DFMA lowers the complexity of products through parts reduction-elimination or consolidation-and enables manufacturers to quantify assembly times and costs.