DFMEADesign Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
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A novel efficient approach for DFMEA combining 2-tuple and the OWA operator, Expert Systems with Applications 37(3): 2362-2370.
First, the matrix helps identify if there are any holes in the DFMEA.
In other words, it easily shows where the redundancies and holes are in the current validation plan and does so in a way that is traceable back to the DFMEA.
Because the tests are identified directly with the hypothesis, traceable to the DFMEA, the decision-makers can readily identify the changes they need to make.
Finally, because the test plan automatically updates as the DFMEA changes, then changes in technology and the business structure will cause an update to the validation plan.
The DFMEA for the interior identified a set of tests that would exhaustively test the hypotheses that must be true for the interior to work.
The DFMEA is a thought experiment that product designers use to identify possible design failures, what the effects of those failures might be, and how the severity of those failures may be remediated or eliminated all together.
During the design of a forced hot air patient warming medical product--intended to keep unconscious patients warm during surgery--the team used the DFMEA to identify industrial, mechanical, electrical, software, and documentation design risks.
DFMEA is a meeting activity; it evolves with the product.
The DFMEA should be performed down to the component level--a rigorous task.
With risks identified and severity assigned, the development team can proceed with the DFMEA process.