DFMSDomestic and Foreign Missionary Society (formal name of The Episcopal Church, USA)
DFMSDelaware Financial Management System
DFMSDigital Facility Management System
DFMSData File Management System
DFMSDean of Faculty, Department of Mathematical Sciences (USAF Academy)
DFMSDutch Football Manager Site
DFMSDiplôme de Formation Médicale Spécialisée (French: Diploma of Specialist Medical Training)
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12) The council grew to over sixty member organizations, including parishes, dioceses, voluntary societies, seminaries, networks, and DFMS units.
Budget allocations point to DFMS missionaries remaining at around 70.
The model is an extension of the DFMS model, which has been successfully applied to represent business cycles worldwide.
Figure 1 also compares the probabilities of recession from the DFMS model with and without the self-adjusting variable-bandwidth filter.
See Chauvet and Hamilton (2006) for a detailed explanation of the multivariate DFMS model and the univariate Markov switching model.
87 Average recession duration (quarters) OECD 8 United States 6 Canada 8 United Kingdom 7 Japan 6 Germany 9 France 8 Italy 8 Source: Authors' calculations based on estimated probabilities from the proposed DFMS model with filter Table 3 Business Cycle Dating for OECD Countries and the Euro Area CEPR dating for Model dating for the euro area OECD countries Peak Trough Peak Trough 1974Q3 1975Q1 1974Q3 1975Q2 1980Q1 1982Q3 1980Q1 1982Q4 1992Q1 1993Q3 1991Q3 1993Q3 Source: CEPR (2003); authors' calculations based on estimated model probabilities
In its retrofit form, PGI's DFMS includes a controller, harness, starter lockout shield and one programmed "I-button.
An encrypted signal returned from each coded component instructs the DFMS to accept only a pre-identified programmed I-button key before allowing an engine start.
The DFMS can be activated or deactivated remotely by dialing an 800 pager number and entering a secure PIN number and instructive code.
In rental applications, the DFMS can immobilize equipment the day the rental contract expires, Dayton said, which eliminates both the need to pick-up equipment immediately after the contract expires and also prevents the machine from being used outside the terms of the contract.
We believe that DFMS and Graphic Resource Group are among the best-run print procurement and management firms in those markets, and we look forward to accelerating their growth and profitability through their use of the InnerWorkings platform.
Applying InnerWorkings' technology and its business model to our operations will enhance our selling efforts and value propostion," said Rick Doss, founder of DFMS who will serve as the InnerWorkings general manager for the Dallas market.