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DFNDigital Freedom Network
DFNDeutsches Forschungsnetz
DFNDual Flat No-lead (electronics)
DFNDiscrete Fracture Network (geology/geophysics)
DFNDay for Night (cinematography)
DFNDedicated Frogans Network
DFNdone for now
DFNDefine Normal (band)
DFNDaily Flow Notification
DFNDysfunctional Family Night (SOAPnet TV channel)
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The two new boards are the first released that support DFN devices.
Unfortunately, the DFN package Li Poly charger seems to be out of stock with long lead times.
The results published by Syama et al [35] showed no fluctuation in the haematological, biochemical, liver antioxidant defense mechanism and lipid peroxidation when in-house synthesized DFN were administered orally.
The modular design of the software in the Cisco XR 12000 dramatically enhances our ability to maintain service levels and performance," said Hubert Waibel, head of the Network Operating Center at DFN.
They have excellent latch-up immunity and are available in miniature, 2 mm x 3 mm DFN and 5-pin SOT-23 packages.
The MAQ5300 comes in a tiny 2mm x 2mm DFN package and is ideal for space-constrained and high-reliability applications that are subjected to the harsh environments and temperatures often encountered in automotive and industrial applications.
Results reported in Table 1 show that the calculated DF/ADF (with and without trend) statistics are less than their critical values only for first differences of log GDP and log DFN for each country.
Both are packaged in 7 mm by 7 mm, or 9 mm by 9 mm DFN surface mount, reflow tolerant packages.
The part is packaged in a custom DFN package with three integrated heat sinks for outstanding thermal management.
5 Degrees Accuracy and 12-bit Resolution from -20 to +100 Degrees Celsius; Offered in Packages as Small as 2x3 mm DFN