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DFNDope Fresh Nation
DFNDouble Frequency Network
DFNDual Flat No-Lead
DFNDolce Far Niente
DFNDigital Freedom Network
DFNDeutsches Forschungsnetz
DFNDual Flat No-lead (electronics)
DFNDiscrete Fracture Network (geology/geophysics)
DFNDay for Night (cinematography)
DFNDietetics, Foods and Nutrition (education; New York)
DFNDivorced Fathers Network (est. 1998; peer support)
DFNDedicated Frogans Network
DFNdone for now
DFNDefine Normal (band)
DFNDysfunctional Family Night (SOAPnet TV channel)
DFNDaily Flow Notification
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In DFN I argued that there are deep ontological reasons, combined with recent developments in late modernity, for social science to move beyond traditional disciplinary categories that fragment knowledge of "a complex reality that is always social, psychological, political, cultural, economic, historical and geographical" (DFN:11).
To assess the effect of DFN on the mice brain, the particle at a concentration of 100mg/ml were dissolved in de-ionised water.
Neste contexto, tem-se como objetivo desta pesquisa descrever e analisar o uso das estrategias de reparo empregadas por criancas com DFN e DFE, no constituinte silabico onset complexo, a fim de verificar as semelhancas e as diferencas existentes no uso dos recursos empregados pelas criancas dos diferentes grupos.
Unfortunately, the DFN package Li Poly charger seems to be out of stock with long lead times.
The two new boards are the first released that support DFN devices.
The devices are also available in an 8-pin 6mm x 5mm DFN package.
The MCP1401 and MCP1402 MOSFET drivers are both available in a 2 mm x 3 mm DFN package, for $0.
The modular design of the software in the Cisco XR 12000 dramatically enhances our ability to maintain service levels and performance," said Hubert Waibel, head of the Network Operating Center at DFN.
These MMIC Quad-MOSFET mixers include integral RF and LO baluns within a 3 x 3 mm, six-pin, DFN, surface-mount package.
CARRYING THE CARD: Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Coventry Ken and Mary Taylor with (from left) Jane Nix of the Donor Families Network; kidney transplant recipient Chris Clarke, DFN founder David Nix and Peter Lawson, relay support team and husband of kidney recipient