DFNADeafness, Autosomal Dominant
DFNADanish Forest and Nature Agency
DFNADurant Farallones Neighborhood Association (California)
DFNADelegated First Nations Agencies
DFNADesignated First Nations Agencies
DFNADearborn Federation of Neighborhood Associations (Michigan)
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While funding for DFNAs fall under federal jurisdiction, training is the responsibility of the province, says Graff, who also points out that DFNAs operate under provincial jurisdiction.
Graff says additional federal dollars will allow for more child intervention service workers to be hired by DFNAs and will build child intervention services capacity in First Nations communities.
Within the database, modes of transmission are classified as DFN for X-linked and mitochondrial, DFNA for autosomal dominant (AD), and DFNB for autosomal recessive (AR).
The DFNA method might suggest injection molding the entire assembly as a one-piece flexible structure.