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DFNBDeafness, Neurosensory, Autosomal Recessive
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IR, NMR and mass data gives useful information on the structure of DFAB, DFNB, Schiff-base ligand (L) and its metal complexes.
The vibration bands that appeared in the IR spectrum of DFNB at 1342 and 1518 cm-1 are assigned to symmetric and asymmetric stretching vibrations of the NO2 groups in the molecule, respectively.
Of these, 25 genes have been identified for autosomal dominant (DFNA), 39 for autosomal recessive (DFNB) and 3 for X-linked (DFN) deafness (Hereditary Hearing Loss Home Page, URL: http://hereditaryhearingloss.org/ Accessed May, 2012).
Among the non syndromic, autosomal dominant (DFNA) contributes 22 per cent, autosomal recessive (DFNB)--77 per cent, X-linked (DFN)--1 per cent and mitochondrial (<1-20%) (5).
Deafness heterogeneity in a Druze isolate from the Middle East: novel OTOF and PDS mutations, low prevalence of GJB2 35delG mutation and indication for a new DFNB locus.
Within the database, modes of transmission are classified as DFN for X-linked and mitochondrial, DFNA for autosomal dominant (AD), and DFNB for autosomal recessive (AR).