DFOBDairy Farmers of Britain (milk co-operative)
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GCA effects for days to first boll opening (DFOB) revealed that, FH-945, CIM-496 and NIAB-78 attained negative values while MNH-129, MNH-93 and CIM-446 attained positive GCA values.
Before entering receivership DFOB was responsible for 10% of the UK's milk production across three dairies.
Stephen Oldfield, partner at PwC, said: "My team and I will be focusing our initial efforts in working with DFOB's key suppliers and customers to keep the collection and supply of milk flowing.
DFOB closed its Fole and Portsmouth dairies last year as it strove to achieve a return to profitability in its milk division.
DFOB employs 2,200 at sites across England and Wales, including one on Bridgend Industrial Estate, which handles liquid milk.
DFOB suffered significant losses in its liquids division and therefore in November 2008 it announced the closure of its Fole and Portsmouth dairies to achieve a return to profitability in this division.
Blaydon is the biggest producer in the region and the collapse of DFOB has called into question whether farmers will be paid for milk already sold to the group.
NFCymru President Dai Davies said: "Given the amount of time DFOB has had to prepare for what always seemed like the inevitable, to end up with this sorry mess is a bitter pill for DFOB''s members.
"Why doesn't the British Government agree to provide similar support to the thousands of dairy farmers affected by the collapse of DFOB?" Ministers should consider taking DFOB dairies, including one at Bridgend, into public ownership, Mr Price added.
"Is it not ironic also that so many people wander down one aisle in the supermarket and buy fair trade coffee, but wander down the next aisle and buy to put in that coffee milk that was taken from an exploited local dairy farmer at below cost price?" Rural Affairs Minister Dan Norris said the failure of DFOB was being taken seriously with the Government "greatly concerned" about its impact in the North East.
The Farmers Union of Wales warned its collapse places up to 200 North Wales dairy farmers' livelihoods at risk because they sell their milk to DFOB but the union says the banks have taken the money, leaving the farmers thousands of pounds out of pocket.