DFORDigital Frame of Reference
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Based on Table 7, it can be seen that the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) size and foreign ownership dummy variables (DFOR) have no significant effect on Return on Deposit (ROD).
The 40-year-old dad of two - who chatted on his doorstep as Dfor looked through a closed window - said he usually only walked his dog after midnight when no-one around.
German Shepherd Dfor and his handler Garda Paul Conroy of the Garda Dog Unit were awarded the prestigious prize by the National German Shepherd Working Dog Association.
Although there's no conclusive evidence pointing to how much sun is needed to generate vitamin D, Brown says research by Newcastle General estimated the amount of sunlight required to generate an acceptable level of vitamin Dfor the average person is around five to15 minutes exposure three to four times a week on the hands and face.
The instruments: Age is natural logarithm of number of years of listing at KSE, Profit is natural logarithm of net income/total assets, DFOR is dummy variable which is one if the firm has foreign investment and zero otherwise, DN is a dummy variable which take value One if the firm has block-holders and zero otherwise and DKSE is dummy variable which has value One if the firm includes in KSE 100 index and zero othcrwise.
The United Kingdom also said that agreement on IAS must be made a priority as all listed companies will have to switch over to IAS dfor their consolidated group accounts by January 2005.
That drag force (dfor) is defined in terms of the tow speed (vel) using the Ansys Parametric Design Language.
12.32: 1, ROO HAWTHORN (1), 4-1; 2, Close House Dfor (2), 4-1; 0.75, 27.87; PS19.89, trio PS68.80.