DFOSDéveloppement de Formations dans les Organisations de Santé (French: Development of Training in Health Organizations; Belgium)
DFOSDistributed Fiber Optic Sensing
DFOSDiesel Fuel Oil System
DFOSDifferent Flavor Opposite Sign (particle physics)
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Asking a DFO staff involved in preparing CFOPs about the striking similarities of the silvicultural prescriptions for different forest types and species compositions, he explained, 'we do not accord priority to silvicultural prescriptions; they are just copied from the previous plan.
The repulsive picture about removing skin of a dead common leopard appeared on Facebook on July 2, 2018 as comments on the account of Abdul Haleem Marwat, DFO Wildlife Peshawar.
The Director of Field Operations (DFO) is the next level of management; there are two DFOs for each LB&I national industry group.
It aimed to instruct examiners and their managers on how to determine when it is appropriate to seek the approval of the DFO in order to raise the economic substance doctrine.
To carry out its likely workload, the panel was to be given wide-ranging access to departmental personnel for advice and assistance both at headquarters and in the various DFOs. In keeping with the spirit of independence that the department was keen to imbue in the panel, few constraints were imposed on members in the pursuit of their work.
"Foreign equity--dummy (DFOS) and share (FOSP) is significantly related to operating costs (negative), total costs (negative) and provisions for credit losses (negative).
Third, it's important to be aware of the fact that run-off-the-road crashes are near the top of the list of crash types, and developers should not be adding to the potential of severe injuries/deaths with these deadly fixed objects (DFOs).
* Nine Area Directors (ADs) will report to the DFOs. Their responsibilities are divided on a geographic basis.
In contrast to the employment of sub-district chiefs, the Transitional Administration never became involved in the choice of village chiefs (with the exception of some DFOs who were requested to assist in the local village chief elections).