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DFPDefensive Fighting Position
DFPDetroit Free Press
DFPDigital Flat Panel (computer display)
DFPDepartment of Finance and Personnel (Northern Ireland)
DFPDynamic Feedback Protocol (Cisco)
DFPDART for Publishers (DoubleClick)
DFPDominica Freedom Party
DFPDecimal Floating Point
DFPDiplôme de Français Professionnel (French: Professional Diploma in French)
DFPDistributed Functional Plane
DFPData Facility Product (IBM)
DFPDi-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate (enzymatic inhibitor)
DFPDigital Fine Pitch
DFPDysfunctional Family Picnic (K-Rock event; New York City radio station)
DfPDesign for Production
DFPDirectorate of Field Publicity (India)
DFPDivision of Forensic Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DFPDouglas Fir Plywood (plywood grade)
DFPDecommissioning Funding Plan
DFPDeutsche Fortschrittspartei (German: German Progress Party)
DFPDesign for Performance
DFPDoncaster Free Press
DFPDiploma in Food Production (various educational institutions)
DFPDebt Forgiveness Program (AAFES)
DFPDeny Filters Processor (Cisco)
DFPDisplay Function Processor
DFPDigital Filter Processor
DFPDeadline Failure Probability
DFPDesign for Purchasability
DFPDried Frog Pill (Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett)
DFPDirect-Form Processor
DFPDefense Fighting Position (bunker)
DFPDouble Fixed Pulley
DFPDeployment Feature Pack (Microsoft)
DFPDecision-Feedback Predistorter
DFPDefault Free Prefix
DFPDefect Fix Percentage (defects fixed before release divided by all defects found)
DFPDevelopmental Fisheries Plan (Australia)
DFPDuty Failure to Perform
DFPDual-Bit Forward Prediction
DFPDesignated Finishing Point
DFPDesign for Power
DFPDirector of Federal Programs (various locations)
DFPDoriot, Flandrin and Parant (French automobile maker)
DFPDavidon-Fletcher-Powell (algorithm)
DFPDéficit Fonctionnel Permanent (French: Permanent Functional Deficit)
DFPDirigeants de la Formation Professionnelle (French: Leaders of Vocational Training)
DFPDriving Force Pro (video game)
DFPDays from Planting
DFPDépartement de la Formation Professionnel (French: Department of Professional Training; Morocco)
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He was employed as the premises officer for the new Business Development Services, part of the DFP.
Results from this initial round of engine testing clearly establish our DFP as a value-added enabling technology," said Mike Murry, president and CEO of Catalytica Energy Systems.
While DFP has been reported following a broad range of otologic and neurotologic procedures, the condition is seen most commonly after acoustic neuroma surgery, with reported rates ranging between 15 and 30%.
To download the complete Q3 2015 Intralinks DFP or to learn more, please visit our website.
The assets securing the notes consist of an undivided interest in a pool of revolving DFP receivables that were originated by Ford Motor Credit Company, and are utilized to provide wholesale financing to U.
3 center plies, furniture grade yellow-poplar DFP Softwood plywood, 7 ply Douglas-fir 32.
Votes cast for the DLP totaled 15,066; those for the UWP totaled 14,718; and for the DFP they amounted to 4,824.
Fitch's review of the assumptions and stresses during the initial rating review and the current coverage levels, provided by the credit enhancement, is consistent with the approach outlined in the criteria for Category B DFP platforms, which AMOT is assigned as.
Contract notice: DFP IT Assist Provision and Support of GIS Licenses.
Rasheed and Mohammad Yasin Butt and the members of DFP delegation were Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi and Engineer Farooq Khan, reported.
The Intralinks DFP forecasts changes in the volume of global M&A deals expected to be announced in the next six months.