DFPMDepartment of Family and Preventive Medicine
DFPMDigitized Fluorescence Polarization Microscopy
DFPMDual Framer Performance Monitor
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The maturity of the [F.sub.1] population varied from 30 days to 35 days for DFFI and from 48 days to 56 days for DFPM. The two parents, [P.sub.1] (38-44 days) and [P.sub.2] (28-32 days), also differed in their days to first flower initiation (DFFI) as shown in Figure 2.
The highly significant differences in the maturity traits (DFFI, DFF, DFPM, and DNPM) among the parents and their generations indicated a high level of genetic variation.
In DFPM, 222 out of the 300 [F.sub.2] plants representing 74% were early maturing and the others were medium maturing; B[C.sub.1] population was not much different from that of [F.sub.2].
All the [F.sub.1] population were early with means of 32.12 days and 51.56 days for DFFI and DFPM, respectively; these were closer to the early maturing parent (Sanzi), hence elucidation dominant gene effect.
The absence in significant differences between the [F.sub.1] and the R[F.sub.1] populations suggests the absence of maternal effects for inheritance of the maturity indices (DFF, DFFI, DNPM, and DFPM) in cowpea [40].