DFPSDepartment of Family and Protective Services (Texas)
DFPSDaylight-Fingerprint Druglike Score
DFPSDeployable Field Pavement System
DFPSDigital Fanzine Preservation Society (blog)
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By improperly using 'emergency' procedures, DFPS deprived Plaintiff Grassroots Leadership of its statutory right to comment on DFPS's vague licensing rule, and its statutory right to require the agency's written responses to all public comments prior to implementation of a licensing rule," the lawsuit states.
DFPS Intranet: The DFPS employee web site provides a vast array of information, tools and messages consistent with the mission, vision and values.
Our case workers remained productive by helping to expedite the search for missing foster children, and obtaining essential Medicaid and Social Security information for elderly or disabled adults," explains Shirley Scott, director of operations for IT for DFPS.
17, 2012, DFPS received a report of possible physical abuse of Nathaniel Conley and his four stepsiblings: Dwayne, Jonah, Caleb and Trinity.
The governor, who in February proposed a $40 million increase to DFPS funding, asked the agency to implement the reforms and report back in three weeks.
Williams told the Tribune that she first brought the software idea to Stick, who encouraged her to take it to DFPS.
Six months later, the DFPS signed a $452,000 contract for a pilot run of 21CT's untested software designed to launch the program.
In an email obtained by The Texas Tribune, DFPS Commissioner John Specia on Friday morning informed constituent groups and stakeholders working with the state to implement the redesign initiative, that the contract was terminated.
This is an unspeakable tragedy," DFPS Commissioner John Specia said in a statement.
Overall, DFPS is making every effort to notify young adults formerly in foster care of the new Medicaid program," Crimmins said.
Ensure that DFPS effectively uses data to strategically improve caseworker performance, identify and improve upon deficiencies within the system, and improve overall outcomes for children," he said in the statement.
But the state's child welfare system has remained under fire: A federal class-action lawsuit filed in August against DFPS alleged widespread abuse and neglect in foster homes across the state.