DFPVDepartement de Formation en Protection des Vegetaux (Benin)
DFPVDirection de la Formation Professionnelle Vaudoise (French: Directorate of Vocational Training Vaudoise; Lausanne, Switzerland)
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Upon receipt of the acceptance notice, Jinzhou Halla has become a sole supplier of starters for passenger vehicles to be launched by DFPV in China at the end of 2010.
Upon receipt of this acceptance notice, Jinzhou Halla has now become the sole qualified starter supplier to DFPV, which will launch an independent brand passenger vehicle in China by the end of 2010.
According to this agreement, 35 sample starters will be delivered to DFPV for laboratory examination and testing on April 25, 2009, and a small batch of starters will be sent from Jinzhou Halla for road testing in the second half of 2009.