DFQDesign for Quality
DFQDale Fielder Quartet (band)
DFQDatafeed Questionnaire
DFQDépôt de Fabriques de Quincaillerie (French hardware company)
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Items on the DFQ, SSIS, HIASQ subscales, and HIASQ total scale (TA) were summed to form indices for each scale.
Calculation of outstanding DFQ, FMDQ and TOPDQ/SOPDQ: The Downward Flexibility Quantity (DFQ), Force Majeure Deficiency Quantity (FMDQ), and TOPDQ/SOPDQ quantities are carried forward to the next year after adjustment of appropriated make-good gas, restoration gas, and makeup gas in the current year.
Industry and Academia Leaders Focus on Critical DFM and DFQ Design Solutions