DFRADurango Fire and Rescue Authority (Durango, CO)
DFRADepartment of Forest, Resources and Agrifoods (Canada)
DFRADecreasing Failure Rate, Average
DFRADistributed Field Robot Architecture
DFRADistributed Fiber Raman Amplifier
DFRADe Facto Relationships Amendment (Australia)
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The port terminal is currently designed as a transfer station, which means the mill is not located at the same site, Unloaded material is placed in intermediate storage that comprises ten large steel silos holding 7350 tonnes each and three small silos with a loading capacity of 3360 tonnes each, before the material is weighed on an MWBS receiving scale, it is screened by MKZM drum sieves and DFRA magnetic separators.
The mill has a cleaning section with a DFRA drum magnet for removing ferrous metal particles.
Technology behind the patent, titled "Digital Frequency Response Analysis System and Method Useful for Power Supplies," is incorporated into the company's Model 8800 Series DFRAs.