DFRDDistrict Focus for Rural Development (Kenya)
DFRDDevice Family Reference Design (telecommunications)
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Although firefighters were neither required nor encouraged to share the results of their individual assessments with the DFRD, anecdotal evidence suggests that at least 15 cases of cancer were detected, including cancers of the prostate, thyroid, bladder, breast, and kidney.
The objective of this study was to develop and implement an annual wellness-fitness program to evaluate and improve health, fitness, and wellness among DFRD firefighters.
By identifying these issues, engaging the firefighters' personal physicians, and recommending individualized treatment plans to address the abnormalities detected, this program may have extended lives and improved the quality of life for DFRD firefighters.
The success of the wellness-fitness program is especially remarkable because it is the first department-wide preventive health program undertaken by the DFRD since its founding in 1884.
The wellness-fitness assessment was implemented within the DFRD on March 3, 2008.