DFSDDesk for Social Development (Namibia)
DFSDDry Fibrin Sealant Dressing
DFSDDeputy Fire Safety Director (various locations)
DFSDDobbs Ferry School District (New York)
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17) Nevertheless, since the main components of DFSD are derived from plasma, it is considered biologic and, contrary to other hemostatic agents, must be tested for safety and efficacy in clinical trials to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use.
All the above-mentioned hemostatic products except DFSD have been recognized as Class I medical devices by the FDA and have received marketing clearance by proving that the new products are equivalent to similar agents (ie, QC) that were cleared by the FDA after 1976.
A detailed procedure for lodgment of claims and the supporting documents required for processing of claims, has been communicated vide DFSD Circular No.