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DFSMSData Facility Storage Management Subsystem
DFSMSData Facility System Managed Storage (IBM)
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These three components let customers manage data stored on tape -- automatically, centrally and efficiently -- in the same way DFSMS manages data on direct access storage devices (DASD).
Complementing the expanded DFSMS are enhancements to IBM's entire line of storage products.
In terms of DFSMS constructs, storage administrators should determine if the data sets are actually going to the proper storage groups to receive the proper HSM management.
In April 1988, IBM announced DFSMS (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem) for their MVS (mainframe) computers.
In fact, SAMS:Recover is fully compatible with DFSMS, making it easy to move from volume backup utilities to today's data set backup technology.
The 7450 Media Manager is the first automated tape library system to offer two features increasingly sought by customers: a highly redundant design for today's 7x24 data center, and integrated operation under the full control of DFSMS Systems Managed Tape, thereby eliminating the requirement for special host-based control software.