DFSSDesign For Six Sigma
DFSSDefence Force School of Signals (Australian Defence Force)
DFSSDefence Food Services School (Ministry of Defence; UK)
DFSSDental Fear Survey Schedule
DFSSDecision Frontier Solutions Suite (Informix)
DFSSDielectric Frequency Selective Surface
DFSSDetoxification Fear Survey Schedule (questionnaire)
DFSSDepartment of Family and Support Services (Chicago, IL)
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Proposed DFSS methodology aids managers in decision-making concerning corrective actions and adopting new solutions for prevention of defects.
Acclaro DFSS is an axiomatic design tool that supports a better concept and design process development through its hierarchical decomposition in the four domains: customer needs domains, functional requirements, physical domain and process domain, and modules like those that risk analyses module, cost analyses module, FMEA module.
To begin a study of DFSS and process improvement, you need an understanding of the goal of Six Sigma.
DFSS is the application of Six Sigma principles to the design and development of services and products, including their manufacturing and commercialization support processes.
Raytheon Missile Systems has been implementing DFSS and provides the following insights and challenges to others interested in DFSS deployment.
Here's an example of an actual DFSS project that author Sridhar Seshadri completed in working toward his Green Belt certification.
He has gifted you with the tools to help make your great products better," states Mark Turner, CRP, Six Sigma and DFSS Black Belt, Director of Reliability, Enecsys.
While Six Sigma works to improve existing processes, DFSS starts at the early stage of the project, design, and development of products and services.
Joe is a thought leader and contributor of various DFSS programs and has personally trained and mentored over 1500 Black Belts and projects.
This book is the first to completely cover the entire body of knowledge of software DFSS, and the first to tie all quality improvement methods used in the design stage together with a software DFSS algorithm.
Three different versions of DFSS have been developed: DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify), IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize and Verify), and DCOV (Design, Characterize, Optimize and Verify).