DFTSDon't Forget to Smile
DFTSDon't Forget to Subscribe
DFTSDefence Fixed Telecommunications Service
DFTSDesign for Trustworthy Software
DFTSDefence Fixed Telecommunications System (UK)
DFTSDon't Feed the Swedes (Sweden)
DFTSDirect Fourier Transform Spread
DFTSDirectory File Transfer System (Owl Computing Technologies)
DFTSDon't Forget the Struggle
DFTSDual-Queue, Fifo, Timeout, Statistical TDM Scheme
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Ultrasonography and contrast radiography of DFTS have been employed as principal diagnostic techniques, with different reported sensitivity [1,3,4].
At the time of writing, there were no published descriptions of DFTS tenography performed with the use of CT.
Injection of DFTS was performed using the axial approach.
It was not possible for the DFTS to acquire the services of various sponsors in such a short span of time.
AIFF general secretary Alberto Colaco on his part said that the DFTS had been given two options and it was their decision to organise the Durand at this time of the year.
The performance and reliability targets for the revised contract were ambitious, and given the mission-critical nature of defense there is no room for compromise -- this is why we chose to work with Juniper Networks," said Tony Reeve, DFTS programme director, BT Global Services.
The M-series platforms provides the DFTS network with advanced IP/MPLS edge routing, enabling future multiple services -- including VPNs, network-based security, real-time voice and video, bandwidth-on-demand, rich multicast and IPv6 services -- to be delivered over the single network, greatly reducing operational and capital costs.
But according to a DFTS official, it was a case of tit- for- tat for the Kolkata giants.
DFTS secretary general MS Gill said that although Dempo and Mohun Bagan's withdrawal has hurt him personally, the tournament would remain unaffected.
Today's announcement extends BT's successful management of the DFTS network since 1997 with a roll-out of consistent improvements and developments.
BT and the Defence Communications Services Administration (DCSA), the operator of the DFTS, also plan to use the lab as an opportunity to showcase DFTS services that could be provided to third-party organisations, such as those in the defence industry or other government agencies that require an MOD-grade secure network.