DFVDeutscher Feuerwehrverband (German: German Firefighters Association)
DFVDeutscher Frisbeesport-Verband (German: German Frisbee Sports Association)
DFVDeutscher Franchise Verband (German: German Franchise Association)
DFVDomestic and Family Violence (Australia)
DFVDouble Four Valves
DFVDeutscher Fleischer-Verband (German: German Butchers' Association)
DFVDeutscher Fallschirmsportverband eV (German: German Parachute Association)
DFVDesign For Verification
DFVDouble Four Valve (Cosworth)
DFVDeutscher Fußball Verband (German Soccer Association)
DFVDemocracy for Virginia
DFVDeutschen Fibromyalgie Vereinigung Ev (Seckach, Germany)
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While DFV has tremendous penetration in the retail chain world, V2 has built a strong business that is well balanced in the broad market retail and on-premise sectors.
Kristin Dolan leads DFV, and as a founder and Managing Partner sheds her role as COO of Cablevision with its sale to French company Altice.
DFV is challenging developers to get creative by envisioning Digital First Media's reach and resources--more than 800 print and digital news properties, access to 3 million homes every month, and a significant number of sales and editorial staff--and imagining what they would create to facilitate those relationships.
The F-3000 cars used slightly obsolete, rev-limited Cosworth DFV engines left over from the DFV era of Formula One.
If you see anyone acting suspiciously around a black BMW 320D registration OY59 ZKO or a grey Mazda MX-5 Sport convertible registration VE07 DFV please call the police.
California's DFV Wines introduced Bota Box in 2003 as the perfect wine to take to the beach or camping--anywhere you wouldn't want to lug a bottle.
The DFV is a formal design benchmark that involves the commission meeting with officials from FHWA, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and other agencies to review the basic design of the expressway.
And writer Andrew Noakes' latest book, The Ford Cosworth DFV - The Inside Story Of F1's Greatest Engine, priced pounds 25, pays tribute to the DFV era from its conception in 1965, through its dominance of F1 in the Seventies to its re-emergence in the Eighties in 3.
The V8 Cosworth DFV engine won on its debut on the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix with JIM CLARK's Lotus and dominated the sport for 15 years with 155 wins.
Indeed, one of the most-famous engines in the history of Formula One is the DFV (double-four valve) that debuted at the Dutch Grand Prix in a Lotus Cosworth-Ford with Jim Clark at the wheel--a race that he won with a 27-second lead.
The company has been at the forefront of engine design since the late 1960s when, in partnership with Ford, it brought out the all-new DFV V8 Formula 1 engine that immediately made a race-winning debut in the Dutch Grand Prix of 1967.
This study focuses on a period that begins with the development of the Ford DFV (Double-Four Valve) engine in 1967 and includes the 'ground-effect' revolution of the late 1970s that came to an end in 1982.