DFWADallas-Fort Worth Arlington (Texas)
DFWADefence Force Welfare Association (Kingston, ACT, Australia; formerly known as the Regular Defence Force Welfare Association)
DFWADrug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (US)
DFWADallas Fort Worth Airport (Texas)
DFWADallas Fort Worth Auto Auction (Texas)
DFWADepartment of Fisheries Western Australia
DFWADrug Free Workplace Administrators
DFWADrug Free Workplace Association
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drug test, but exempts employers that are subject to the DFWA or
In the interim, employers who fall under the purview of the DFWA should make sure their policies expressly prohibit drugs in the workplace, and they should know whether they are in a state that would allow for a zero-tolerance policy.
In the coming months, the risk management engagement will expand to include additional cities and counties within the DFWA Urban Area.
DFWA area decision-makers emphasized that a key factor in their decision to work with Digital Sandbox was Tampa, Florida's effective use of the RAC during that city's support of Super Bowl XVIII.
They are all subject to a stringent translocation protocol developed by DFWA in liaison with industry (FDWA 1997b).
There are clear DFWA guidelines for procedures to minimize the possibility of introducing diseases through hatcheries.
3) The Act, effective January 1, 1991, contains requirements similar to the federal DFWA.