DFWESDirect Fire Weapons Effect Simulation
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Since 1994, Sb has supplied and operationally supported the DFWES system which is designed to enable live collective Battle Group training in theUK,Canadnd on a smaller scale inGermany.
For the WES program, Cubic will outfit 2,800 players with DFWES components.
The other two elements of Enhanced TES are Cubic's Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) laser-based combat training system, Cubic's Direct Fire Weapons Effect Simulation (DFWES) system for dismounted players, and Saab's DFWES system placed on armored and other military vehicles taking part in exercises.
AWES will also include direct-fire weapon effects simulation (DFWES) by providing MILES 2000 small arms weapons, and will interface to the existing Saab BT46 DFWES system currently used on U.