DFWIADallas Fort Worth International Airport
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In their antitrust lawsuit against the compromise partners, opponents stated that "the extension of Southwest Airline's gate leases to 2028 and control of 16 of the 20 gates at Love Field will protect and enhance Southwest's dominant position over the short-haul markets for the next twenty-two years" and American Airlines is assured that it can charge premium prices for long-haul flights at DFWIA Airport for another eight years.
7 million citizens, DFW International Airport is assured of no new competition within an eighty-mile radius and reduction in the infrastructure of its closest competitor (Love Field) albeit one-fifth the size of DFWIA.
Since the majority (92%) of rental car customers at DFWIA are business travelers, demand for rental cars depends on the strength of the origination and destination (O&D) market and the Dallas-Fort Worth service area.
Also, Love Field is not projected to materially impact O&D traffic levels at DFWIA due to Love Field's airfield, terminal, and infrastructure capacity constraints.