DFWPDrug-Free Workplace Program
DFWPDrug-Free Work Place
DFWPDepartment of Fish, Wildlife & Parks (Montana, USA)
DFWPDivision of Fish and Wildlife Protection (Palau)
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In 2004, NECA and IBEW officials decided to expand the DFWP from the basic five-component model to include proactive prevention training.
At the same time that the federal DFWP model was being adopted, behavioral researchers were developing approaches to reduce workplace AOD risks.
These approaches augment the five components--a written substance abuse policy, employee awareness and education, supervisor training, employee assistance, and drug and alcohol testing--of the federal DFWP model by putting additional tools in the hands of employers and workers.
In the paragraphs to follow, we provide a case example of how a DFWP has evolved over time to incorporate one such evidence-based approach.
In this article, we briefly review the state of DFWPs, discuss the new programs, and provide a case study of an evidence-based DFWP in a regional electricians' organization.
In addition, the DFWP maintains more than 250 fishing access sites.
Each of these three state park categories, as well as the fishing access sites maintained by the DFWP, have unique features that attract different types of visitors.