DG ENVDirectorate-General for the Environment (EU)
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The objective of this WP is to provide support to DG ENV towards the development of EU harmonised forests information.
Provide DG Environment with scientific and technical assistance to support the implementation of the EU Environmental Technology Verification pilot programme (ETV), which links with the EU eco-innovation action plan adopted in December 2011, through, among others, setting-up and running 3 technical groups on i) water treatment and monitoring, ii) energy technologies and iii) materials, waste and resources; and supporting DG ENV in the coordination of ETV.
David Lawrence has been appointed as Director of integration policy anand instruments with DG ENV (Environment).
Based upon previous work (#169), IPTS will develop new or revise existing Green Public Procurement criteria for a number of product groups, supporting DG ENV in preparing the draft legal proposals for interservice consultation.
In the framework of the Energy Union package adopted by the new Commission DG ENV will prepare a Communication in 2016 on Waste to Energy.
This Administrative Arrangement between DG ENV and the JRC is a work package of the JRCs INSPIRE project, and complements JRC core activities that support INSPIRE and other related work packages.
The work will be carried out in a collaboration with the DG ENV, for which the JRC has provided substantial scientific assistance during the past 4 years (2010-2014), in particular by advising on issues related.
The contractor will update and subsequently maintain the website, exclusively using the technologies under which the site is developed (only static HTML pages), on large carnivores developed as part of the nature web pages of DG ENV.