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DG1Desmosomal Glycoprotein 1 (gene)
DG1Data Group 1 (TDRSS)
DG1Designed Globin-1
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This sparked a critical reaction from members of the public online, while North West Dumfries Councillor Graham Bell raised concerns about obstacles to DG1 being fully utilised.
In addition, at stations DG1 (reference station) and DG7 the phytoplankton species composition and biomass were analysed.
DW4 can then quickly attack the (poorer) ballhandler in the corner from behind, while DW5 becomes the "protector/defensive safety." DC3 and DG1 rotate into positions so that they can defend the zone areas--the most likely areas where pass receivers would go to escape the dribble trap in the deep corner.
1 also illustrates DG1 forcing 1 to his left hand--the weaker hand quite often.
Delighted Council leader Elaine Murray outside DG1 last week
DG1 has essentially been rebuilt after being hit with a litany of issues.
A quick internet search revealed that the council leader, Elaine Murray, and MSP Colin Smyth have previously called for a criminal investigation into DG1.
April 3: Scottish Dachshund Clubs Championship Show in the DG1 Sports Centre, Dumfries at 10am.
The new-look DG1 leisure centre was unveiled this week as it prepares to open its doors to the public again.
Sir -With the imminent opening of DG One (sorry DG1, I'll never get used to the new name!) We would like to give a huge thank you to all the staff, past and present, who have helped make our regular swims enjoyable.
- Miss Janet Dirom, 6 Burntscarthgreen, Locharbriggs, Dumfries DG1 1UN.
MARC MCLEAN Taxpayers will have to fork out around PS11million over the next decade for the running of the DG1 leisure centre.