DG18Dichloran-18-Glycerol Agar
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Dichloran glycerol agar (DG18) in indoor air mould sampling.
(xerophilic fungi) on PDA and DG18. This fungus is not frequently found in Japanese libraries, but it was found in French libraries where relative humidity is lower.
Spore suspensions of all colonies growing from (DG18) were prepared and with the aid of a loop centrally inoculated on Malt Extract agar (MEA) (CM59; Oxoid LTD, Bakingstoke, UK) and then incubated at 25[degrees]C for seven days.
Complementing DG18 is Lab M's DichloranRose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (ISO), which is designed for the enumeration of viable yeasts and moulds in products with a higher water activity - above 0.95.
Duplicates of each dilution were spread-plated on DG18 culture media (Verhoeff et al.
Also, the culture media used for both the air and dust samples, DG18, has high solute concentration, which limits the amount of available water.
Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar (DG18 Agar) is for the enumeration of viable osmophilic yeasts and xerophilic moulds in food or animal feed products that have a water activity of 0.95 or less.
Foram utilizados os meios de cultivo: dichloran rosa de bengala cloranfenicol (DRBC) para contagem geral; agar dichloran com 18% de glicerol (DG18) como meio seletivo para fungos xerofilicos e agar dichloran cloranfenicol peptona (DCPA) para isolamento de Fusarium spp.
We collected sequential 2-minute samples on two types of media, malt extract agar (MEA) and dichloran glycerol-18 agar (DG18), to culture "mesophilic" and "xerophilic" fungi, respectively.
Dusts were diluted in 0.9% NaCl and plated on DG18 (dichloran-18% glycerol agar) and 0.1 g/L chloramphenicol was added to prevent bacterial growth.