DGACDirection Générale de l’Aviation Civile (French: Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
DGACDirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (Spanish: Direction General of Civil Aeronautics; Mexico)
DGACDirección General de Aviación Civil (Spanish: Directorate General of Civil Aviation; Guatemala)
DGACDangerous Goods Advisory Council (Australia)
DGACDietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
DGACDense-Graded Asphalt Concrete
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Le 15 juillet, la DGAC rappelle les conditions et procedures a respecter pour la creation d'une compagnie de transport aerien et celles aussi du renouvellement de l'AOC.
El 1 de septiembre de 2010 se publico en el Diario Oficial de la Federacion el decreto por el que se reforma el Reglamento de Servicio de Medicina Preventiva en el Transporte, en el que se aprueba que los examenes psicofisicos los pueda realizar "un tercero autorizado", es decir, una persona ajena a la DGAC.
The emergency terminal was ready and handed over to the DGAC on April 24 so that it could start operating immediately.
So what does DGAC want to do to prevent sedentary behavior?
Since Americans consume about 11-12 percent of their calories from saturated fats, the DGAC recommends that people would benefit from replacing about five percent of that fat with MUFAs or PUFAs.
On June 11, the DGAC issued another suspension of Aviacsa, claiming that the original court order was no longer valid and that the airline had yet to resolve the safety violations.
The Paris meeting will hear reports from French investigators and from the planes' manufacturers and from the CAA and DGAC.
Al ingresar a Guatemala la avioneta era piloteada por Manuel Ivan Ruiz Luque, tambien originario de Mexico, informo la DGAC.
Of course, the DGAC chocolate recommendation did come with a disclaimer: Chocolate is a calorie-dense food, so caution needs to be taken to balance caloric intake to avoid weight gain.
The DGAC said that they are expecting severe disruptions to flights in and
TAM's Technological Center received certification from Chile's DGAC to service A318 aircraft and components.
The DGAC, a unit of the Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT), threatened to withdraw the airline's operating permit unless deficiencies were corrected by the beginning of June.