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an affirming negation" (de mtshan gzhi snang bcas ma yin dgag la 'jug pa dgag pa) (45) has a sub-division: "Proof of paksadharmata" (phyogs chos sgrubpa).
This third section consists of the two main parts mentioned in the bsDus don as the two divisions of the entire chapter: "Refutation of seeing paratantra and parinispanna" (gzhan dbang dang yongs grub gzigs pa dgag pa) (ad SDV 6a-c), and "Refutation of [the assumption] that paratantra belongs to the absolute" (gzhan dbang don dam nyid la dgag pa) (ad SDV 6d).
de dgag pa ([B] 133) serves largely the same purpose.
In the Shar gsum stong thun, e.g., the sections 112.4 "Presentation of the own system" (rang gi lugs rnam par gzhagpa), 112.5 "Avoiding the (unacceptable) consequence taught in the autoritative scriptures in this (context) (de la lung nas gsungs pa'i thal pa spang ba), and 112.6 "Avoiding the mistake, that the position of the two realities identical in nature (implies) an absolute(ly real) nature" (bden pa gnyis dngos po gcig pa'i phyogs la don dam pa'i dngos po grub par thal ba'i skyon spang ba ) are, in fact, sub-divisions of 112.3 "Negation of (the position that the two realities) are non-different with regard to the characteristic distinction (ldog pa ta dad myed pd dgag pa), rather than sections on the same level.
* A kya yongs 'dzin (1740-1827) mentions Phya pa as a representative of a definition of the object of negation (dgag bya) which is too wide, which leads to taking conventional reality (samvrtisatya) as inexistent.
One chapter is entitled "Refutation of (the position) that the object of negation [which is substantiality propagated by realistic systems] is negated by a prasanga" (dgag bya thal 'gyur gyis 'gog pa sun dbyung ba) (61).
2) Identification of the object of negation (dgag bya): In Tsong kha pa's exegesis, this expression turned from a general and neutral term ("that which is to be negated", pratisedhya) into a technical term, denoting everything that is opposed to absolute reality and the cognition thereof.
Zla ba'i bstan bcos kyi tshig don gnyis ka la dgag pa'i rnam grangs shin tu mang po yod pa'i bstan bcas mdzad.
(a) Refutation of mistaken views (gzhan lugs dgags pa)