DGATDirection Générale de l'Aménagement du Territoire (French: General Directorate of Spatial Planning; various locations)
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Beyond triglyceride synthesis: the dynamic functional roles of MGAT and DGAT enzymes in energy metabolism.
Consistently, 3 DGAT unigenes and 2 PDAT unigenes were identified from both Vernicia and Jatropha in our work.
In Jatropha seeds, on the contrary, no significant change was observed for the expression levels of all DGAT and PDAT unigenes.
We've also known that that last step, involving DGAT, is one of the most important.
Ours are some of the first findings showing that the two DGAT enzymes are not equal," says Shockey.
DGAT is involved in intestinal fat absorption, lipoprotein assembly, regulation of plasma TG concentration, fat storage in adipocytes, and energy metabolism in muscle.
DGAT and HMG-CoA reductase, were decreased, the CYP7A was inversely increased.
Address : DGAT direction des transports et de la mobilit CS 94104
Another study reported no changes in the activities of DGATs in overfed dairy cows that developed fatty liver (Van Den Top et al.
Dommages aux biens immobiliers et mobiliers incendie et risques annexes, vnements naturels, dgats par liquide, bris de glace, vol, dommages lectriques,autres vnements.