DGBCDutch Green Building Council (Netherlands)
DGBCDedworth Green Baptist Church (UK)
DGBCDelaware Grace Brethren Church (Delaware, OH)
DGBCDigital Geoballistic Computer
DGBCDr. Gonzo's Bazooka Circus (band)
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Naturally, DGBC can be implemented by a two-stage framework, where the first stage problem schedules the containers loading and unloading in each bay, and the second stage handles the coordination between the two spreaders' operation under the driver constraint; thus a two-stage heuristic algorithm is proposed to solve the problem.
The objective function of this problem is to minimize cycles required for loading and unloading, and the constraints are corresponding to constraints (2), (3), and (4)-(6) of the DGBC problem.
However, there is only one driver in charge of two spreaders for DGBC. As a result, there would be resource conflicts between two bays, in which one spreader cannot perform lifting directly after moving and has to wait for the driver to be released from the previous lifting with the other spreader.
A two-stage heuristic algorithm is developed in order to solve the DGBC problem.
In this section, we provide a case study to illustrate how DGBC works and the performance of the given two-stage heuristic algorithm.
This section examines the DGBC performance by testing the problem in three extreme cases.
In DGBC evaluation, assume there are n activities where n = [n.sub.1] + [n.sub.2] and [n.sub.1]/[n.sub.2] is the number of the processing containers in [B.sub.1]/[B.sub.2].
There are three extreme cases with respect to three types of conflicts, respectively; they are considered independently to examine the performance of DGBC.
Suppose there is only one type of conflicts in Stage 2; the DGBC problem is regarded as an extreme case.
If single cycling is applied, the DGBC problem is a DG-SS case.
Through the two-stage method, all conflicts are examined and addressed sequentially, and the DGBC problem can be separated into several parts each of which is of one extreme case.
Figure 9 depicts that DGBC contributes to better makespan and higher LP than SG in the case of single cycling.