DGCIDiscrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
DGCIDirecção Geral de Contribuições e Impostos (Portugal)
DGCIDark Green Color Index
DGCIDanes Gourmet Coffee Institute (Australia)
DGCIDSCS GMF Control Interface
DGCIDelayed Gamma-Camera Images
DGCIDépartement de Gestion et de Commerce Internationale (French: Department of Management and International Commerce)
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When the study started in spring, both the MCI and DGCI showed low, decreasing values, because energy was being used either for metabolic maintenance or for fueling the gonad energy requirements.
The peaks had lower values than those recorded in animals kept in suspension culture (compare DGCI, 1.
opercularis, the DGCI decreased from September 9 at 2.
The evolution of the MCI follows the same pattern as the DGCI in the case of C.
2005), and when gonad maturation has been reached, the MCI and DGCI take advantage of the favorable environmental conditions (greater level of available food and temperature) for a rapid, single, and short period of growth and storage of reserves, according its opportunistic condition.
DGCI, Szeged, Hungary, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer.
DGCI, Naples, Italy, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer.
89 Source : Compiled from the data of DGCIS Monthly Statistics.
The project will provide training services for Kuwaiti cadres working at the DGCI allowing engineers work on the operation and maintenance.